Additional Membership benefits the ACFE SA has to offer

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Rental Cars

Benefit: Provide members with the best rates for vehicle rental with First Car Rental.

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Hot Wheels


Benefit: Members will receive better rates, as well as the ''Best Rate of the Day". They will become Preferred Avis Members, eligible for all Preferred Member Benefits.

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Car dealership



Pretoria Noord Toyota opened its doors on April 01, 1983 with a staff of 9 on the south side of Gerrit Maritz Street. The staff consisted of a Dealer principal, Accountant, Store manager, a driver, two cleaners, a mechanic and a sales consultant. The store consisted of 16 new vehicles and 12 pre-owned in an open lot. After 14 months a carport was build to accommodate the new vehicles no closed walls.

All pre-owned vehicles were still parked in the open. Only in March 1985 did we start building on the north side of Gerrit Maritz Street and was referred to as “the Dealership” and was completed in February 1986.

Benefit: Guaranteed minimum of 3% discount on all vehicles.
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Benefit: Provide members with preferential offers on the website/point of sale materials on vehicles. Guaranteed minimum of 3% discount on all vehicles.

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Managing your traffic fines


Credit Bureau Service Providers


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Car dealership

About Allen Joss Ford  

Benefit: Guaranteed minimum of 6% discount on all vehicles.
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Benefit: Provide members with special pricing offers on models within the company brand range.
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Benefit: Provides guaranteed 50% discount on the Quickbooks subscription fee for the first twelve months Contact Louis:

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ACFE SA Member Benefits

Local Chapter membership provides a number of benefits. ACFE chapters are organised by members who reside in a particular geographic region and share an interest in the detection and deterrence of fraud. Chapters act as local agents of the ACFE, providing continued support for members worldwide. Take advantage of this resource and enjoy benefits including:

Networking Opportunities

Members attending chapter meetings will have the chance to network with experienced professionals, and other fraud fighters. Members have the opportunity to learn and share techniques, learn best practices and expand their skills.

Mentoring Opportunities

Chapter membership is made up of fraud fighters with minimal experience to those with a wealth of anti-fraud knowledge. If you are new to the profession, chapter involvement is a great way to learn from the best. If you are an experienced professional, membership in a chapter gives you the chance to mentor the next generation of anti-fraud professionals.

Quality, Affordable Local Training

All chapter meetings and training events are planned by ACFE members and reflect what is relevant to your development as a member of the ACFE. These meetings offer members the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable information they can apply to their job. The Chapter also conduct full-day seminars offering a range of speakers and topics to assist with your skills development ensuring that you are up to date with the newest trends in the market. Members can earn CPE credits attending chapter events.

  •        Regular discussion forums on issues relevant to the local environment;
  •        A training framework with “how to” guidance and formal standards;
  •        Practical training
  •        Technical updates
  •        Workshops on fraud examinations;
  •        Seminars and Conferences

SAQA Accreditation

The ACFE Certified Fraud Examiners International exam has been registered on the NQF by SAQA at NQF level 7. This makes the designation the first of its kind to be both internationally and locally recognized as the standard for a Forensic Investigator / Auditor. This Advanced Certificate: Forensic Practitioner is available to all candidates who successfully completes the CFE Exam (International version).

Continuing Professional Education

Fulfilling your continuing education (CPE) requirements for the CFE or other designations is easy since we offer various learning events annually, all of which are pre-approved for CPE by the ACFE.

Promoting Fraud Awareness In Your Community

Chapters enable members to be personally involved in the anti-fraud profession through training that also meets the needs of the local community.

Leadership Roles Available

If you are looking to become a leader in the anti-fraud community, chapter participation is a great place to start. Serving on the Regional Committees or the Chapter Board of Directors provides the opportunity to develop your leadership skills while serving your community in a rewarding capacity.

Other benefits include:

  •        An electronic newsletter and a video library
  •        Ethical standards
  •        Eligibility to access to the unique ACFE SA/TransUnion Enquiry System
  •        Regulating of the industry

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