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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
South Africa Chapter

Student Membership

The ACFE strongly recommends that you join your local chapter. Chapter participation gives you the opportunity to meet other anti-fraud professionals in your area who are facing the same challenges you are. Sharing insights, techniques and experience, in addition to promoting fraud awareness in your community, is invaluable to the global fight against fraud. It is important to note that your local and ACFE status must correspond.

You may join the local chapter at any stage in the process, or even opt to only join the local chapter.

How to apply for membership:

Step 1: Application Form

ACFE SA Student Membership

Applications can be submitted by post, fax, e-mail or completed online. Please ensure that you fill out all fields.

Step 2: Supporting Information

Where applicable please furnish all supporting information together with your application form. This may include:

International ACFE Membership Number and proof of registration roof of enrollment for Student applicants

Step 3: Payment

Once approved an invoice will be issued for the application fee and annual dues. Payment can be done online or by EFT or direct deposit.

Note that your membership number or invoice number should be used as reference for all subscription fee payments

Choose the relevant option below:

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Select membership level

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Renewal Process

Renewal Form


Membership that has been expired may be reinstated by applying for renewal by completing the form and paying any required reactivation or application fees.

Terms & Conditions

Please note the following:

1.    Affiliates are entitled to all the benefits of local membership except that they are not eligible to:

1.    Vote at the Chapter Annual General Meeting and Elections, unless specified by the Board of Directors

2.    Be elected to the Chapter Board of Directors. Affiliate members may serve on committees.

2.    When referring to their membership it must be stated clearly that they are affiliated to / an affiliate member of the South African Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

3.    Local chapter membership status are in accordance with ACFE status, any change in status must be reported immediately. Affiliate members do not hold dual membership with the ACFE on international level. Affiliates of the Chapter are not required to meet the qualifications and requirements for certification in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, but are encouraged to do so in the future.

4.    Any member wishing to terminate his/her membership shall tender a written resignation to the Chapter Secretariat, but such resignation shall not become effective until accepted by the Chapter, and shall not relieve the resigning individual from the payment of dues for the expired portion of the current fiscal year, or give any right to rebate for dues paid, or any right to a prorated share or any other share of the assets of the Chapter.

5.    Membership may be disqualified or suspended by majority vote of the Board of Directors if a member’s conduct or actions are not in the best interest of the organisation or in violation with the Constitution and Bylaws.

6.    Members whose account payments are in arrears more than three months shall be suspended from the Chapter and shall lose all benefits until such monies are paid. Members whose account payments are more than six months in arrears shall cease to be affiliated to the Chapter

7.    Any member who resigns, is disqualified, suspended or whose membership is terminated shall settle all debts with the organisation, return all regalia, records, documentation and other assets. Any member so disqualified shall immediately be deprived of all benefits of the organisation.


How do I update my contact information? 
You can update your contact information online by logging in with your username and password, then selecting “My Account” in the Menu. You can also contact nelly@acfesa.co.za for assistance.

If I change jobs, does my membership number “travel” with me?
Yes. Membership numbers with the ACFE SA Chapter is individual rather than organisational. Since your membership number is personal it is not transferable to someone else within your organisation should you leave the profession or your current employer. You should however immediately inform the chapter of your new contact details and billing information

Is an Affiliate Member required to become an Associate Member on international level and take the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam?
No. While we encourage every member to continually expand their anti-fraud knowledge, we do not expect, nor require, all of our members to become CFEs. Each member joins the ACFE with different goals and aspirations and we value all of them equally.

Who Qualifies to receive the SAQA NQF 7 Certificate?
Only those who successfully completed the ACFE’s International CFE exam after 1 January 2008 and are current members of the ACFE SA Chapter.

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