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14-20 November 2021

ACFE SA Fraud Awareness Day

19 November 2021   |   08:00 – 12:00  |  Virtual Event

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Computer Related Fraud

Computer Forensic Software 

Cyber Forensics

Data Analytics

Digital Forensics

Forensic Software

Electronic Counter Measure Investigations

Tertiary Education & Training


Forensic & Risk Management Services

Forensic Accounting / Auditing

Forensic Investigation

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Risk Management


Fraud Hotline Services

Fraud Hotline Services

Forensic Science

Document Examiner (Handwriting etc)


Fingerprint Analysis

Voice Stress Analyst / Layered Voice Analysis

Fire Investigations

Debugging - Information Counter Measure Investigations

Biometric Identity Management

Accident Reconstruction

Legal Services

Commercial Legal Services

Litigation Support and Dispute Services

Labour Law

Other Legal Services


Recruitment of Forensic Staff 


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