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14-20 November 2021

ACFE SA Fraud Awareness Day

19 November 2021   |   08:00 – 12:00  |  Virtual Event

Corporate Membership

Download the Corporate Member Form here (to be completed by the sponsoring company, staff to complete the normal individual application form)

ACFE SA Corporate Sponsor Application

ACFE SA Corporate Membership Application

Full membership to the International ACFE is an option for large companies. Corporate Membership to the local chapter enables companies and the Public Sector to enjoy the benefits and opportunities offered on the local level, e.g. networking and training. An annual corporate membership fee is paid to the local chapter.

Typical Corporate Members:

·         accounting and auditing professionals

·         special investigators

·         law enforcement personnel

·         loss prevention specialists

·         attorneys and prosecutors

·         managers and executives

·         academicians and students

·         anti-fraud consultants.

Some benefits:

·         Pay an annual corporate membership fee to the local chapter, which entitles the registration of any number of employees as Affiliate members to the local chapter network at no additional costs.

·         Discounted attendance at all local official events/training for all the above mentioned employees that are registered.

·         The CEO of the ACFE SA will personally come and visit our corporate members to foster better relations.

How to apply:

·         The company needs to appoint one designated person and fill out the Corporate application form.

·         This form must be submitted together with an application form and ID copy for each employee wanting to join. Once approved the company will be invoiced for the annual dues

Important Notes:

1.    A Corporate sponsor may register any number of employees as Corporate members. Each applicant will be subject to the normal vetting process and, if accepted, receive a unique membership number. Under corporate membership, you are entitled to register unlimited corporate Affiliate members but only four (4) Associates or CFE’s members. Additional Associate/ CFE members may be registered but will be charged above the Corporate Membership fee. Local chapter membership status is in accordance with ACFE status, any change in status must be reported immediately.

2.    Members holding Associate or CFE status have all the benefits of local membership in addition to those already granted by the ACFE International, including individual voting rights at the Chapter Annual General Meeting and Elections and eligibility to be elected to certain positions on the Chapter Board of Directors and/or serve on committees.

3.    Affiliates have all the benefits of local membership except that they are not eligible to vote, unless so specified by the ACFE Chapter Board, or hold office, except to serve on certain committees. When referring to their membership it must be stated clearly that they are affiliated to / affiliate member of the South African Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

4.    Should any person leave the employ of their Corporate Sponsor they will have the option to renew their membership privately or under their new employers name and will keep their unique number. It is the corporate sponsor’s responsibility to inform the chapter if any member registered under their sponsorship has resigned, and it is the person’s own responsibility to contact the chapter to renew privately.

5.    Any Corporate sponsor member wishing to terminate their membership shall tender a written resignation to the Chapter Secretariat, but such resignation shall not become effective until accepted by the Chapter, and shall not relieve the resigning member from the payment of dues for the expired portion of the current fiscal year, or give any right to rebate for dues paid, or any right to a prorated share or any other share of the assets of the Chapter.

6.    Membership of a Corporate Sponsor, or any of the individuals registered under its sponsorship, may be disqualified or suspended by majority vote of the Board of Directors if a member’s conduct or actions are not in the best interest of the organisation or in violation with the constitution and Bylaws.

7.    Members whose account payments are in arrears more than three months shall be suspended from the Chapter and shall lose all benefits until such monies are paid. Members whose account payments are more than six months in arrears shall cease to be affiliated to the Chapter

8. Any member who resigns, is disqualified, suspended or whose membership is terminated shall settle all debts with the organisation, return all regalia, records, documentation and other assets. Any member so disqualified shall immediately be deprived of all benefits of the organisation.

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