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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
South Africa Chapter


ACFE SA Forums


The ACFE SA Chapter resolved to create industry forums to discuss fraud issues pertaining to their specific needs.


  • Finding ways of interacting with the system to improve it;
  • Enhancing the legislation;
  • The sharing and exchanging war stories;
  • The success stories of how we prosecuted fraudsters;
  • Setting of academic standards where there is a need to do so;
  • Develop methodologies for the different fields of expertise where the need arise. 

Anti-intimidation & Ethical Practices Forum 

The AEPF was created to assist professionals in certain fields who are being intimidated for exposing corruption in the workplace.

We also provide advice to potential whistle-blowers in the governance, accounting, auditing, business, risk management and related fields on how to blow the whistle safely, responsibly and effectively.


ACFE SA Forensic Industry Standard Forum

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is an international, professional organization dedicated to fighting fraud and white-collar crime, with offices in North America, Europe and Japan and chapters around the globe, including one in South Africa.

A Forensic Industry Standard Forum was established in the ACFE SA Chapter. The aim and purpose of the ACFE Forensic Industry Standard Forum is to represent and caters for all Industries, Science and non-Science Industries and disciplines and to bring the different forums and the forum leaders together. International standards and guidelines will be used as model to facilitate and promote the establishment of standards and guidelines for self-regulation of the South African environment.

Chair - 2019 - De Wet Ferreira 

For more information, contact De Wet Ferreira at dewet@dnsforensics.co.za

ACFE SA Cyber Forum 

To give guidance in the industry in terms of standards and procedures. To create a platform where practical co-operation between the roll players and the distribution of information. Furthermore, to have a representative body for the digital forensic community 

2019 - Chair: Danny Myburgh 
For more information please contact Danny Myburgh at danny@cyanre.co.za

ACFE SA Healthcare Forum

The ACFE Healthcare Forum work towards setting of academic standards for the Health Profession investigators and/or auditors and assist to develop training courses aimed at investigating healthcare fraud and abuse as well as forensic audits within the healthcare industry. It aims to ensure that the professional standards set interlinks to that of the ACFE Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and provide opportunities for individuals in the Health Care Industry to network, share experiences and discuss matters of concern. Last but not least to increase awareness of healthcare fraud and abuse in SA and will assist in identification and development of new opportunities to participate in combatting healthcare fraud in South Africa.

 newsletter 2016

newsletter - March 2017

Article - May 2017

Article - August 2017

For more information, contact minette@acfesa.co.za

ACFE SA Intelligence Gathering Forum

The Intelligence Gathering Forum  launched on 21 November 2012.  

 From the discussions it was established that a definite need exists to establish such a forum, and several interesting ideas and suggestions was proposed and discussed. The main objectives for the forum was identified, and it was agreed that a subcommittee per objective will be established.

  Core Objectives:

  • Co-ordination and Distribution of intelligence
  • Need for  a sentralised database
  • MO’s of countries
  • Break through isolation/silo’s of the committees
  • Investigate what intelligence datasets companies have that can be shared to the benefit   of others
  • Due diligence
  • Reference of syndicates or employees within the industries
  • Understanding intelligence   
  • Proactive Risk management tools
  • During investigation

The following Sub-Committees were formed: 

1.Datasets per industry      

  • What’s available?
  • What can be shared?
  • In what format?

2. Legality Issues

3. Disseminating  Policies

  • Security of the information
  • Format of information
  • Administrative standards


  • What’s Available?
  • What info do we want? 

2019 - Melvin Yogolingam – Chair person

ACFE SA Forensic Accounting Forum



Danie du Plessis Foundation

We proudly announce the registration of the Danie du Plessis Foundation. This non-profit, public benefit serves to assist with funding to those in need and offers an opportunity to driven individuals who would like to enter the world of professionalism but lack the means to do so.

Both the ACFE SA and the AFRICA Training Academy strive to encourage professionalism, specifically by promoting the CFE designation. This Foundation serves to assist certain individuals to ultimately be recognised as a Certified Fraud Examiner. 

Memorandum of Incorporation



Scholarships are awarded on the basis of:

Completed scholarship application  |  Recommendation Forms  |  Fraud-related interests, activities, goals and desired career path


Directors & Staff

Jaco de Jager   |   CEO

Melanie Venter | Finance

Minette Niemann | Legal Officer

Zanél Jordaan | Branding & Communications Officer  

Katleho Seqapotsa |  Marketing Assistant

Nelly Khoza | Membership Officer

Happygirl Motaung | Office Custodian

Anita Nel | Training Officer

Portia Mphagi |  Training Assistant

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